“Football is undoubtedly the most powerful and most popular sport in the world, linking communities, stirring emotions and breaking down cultural barriers.”

UKCoach is a full-service football management and coaching consultation resource, providing access to highly skilled and qualified football professionals and coaching to clubs and associations.

Technical Director Mark Elton is a highly experienced Sport Professional and Educator with knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines.


  • Group or Individual Training

  • Club Management and Organisational Structure

  • Coach Education and Mentoring Services

  • Curriculum Planning and Coaching

  • Team and Player Scouting

  • Sporting Event Planning and Management

  • College Preparation and Scholarships (Educate USA)

  • Game and Individual Video and Analysis

UKCoach-Canada & UKCoach-China

Email: ukcoach@gmail.com

Phone: +86 13916864421

WeChat: ukcoach



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