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Clanfield FC - Player Pathway

Value Add Services

With fewer youth getting involved in sports and more clubs competing for the youths that do want to play football, the first issue most organisations face is Recruitment.

Once you have the members playing football, your next challenge is Retention. 

There is a considerable drop off in numbers at around the ages of 12 and 15 years of age for a number of reasons, and if parents and players don’t see the value for the fee they are paying the club, they will look elsewhere for it.

The club can provide real VALUE ADD services that will give your program the edge when addressing the growing issue of recruitment and retention of players.

Players will get the opportunity to experience Camps and Tours run by professionals, and exposure to information and events that will put them in prime position to follow the pathway to the club's first team, or obtain scholarships at Universities in the UK or North America.

And all while playing for your club.

CFC Educate Pathway Presentation 2023

CFC Educate Pathway Presentation 2023

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