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My football background illustrates diverse experience in coaching, managing and organizing youth programs in club, school and provincial settings in Europe, North America and Asia.During my 15 years experience as a coach, I have gained a solid foundation in planning, developing and running practice sessions, drills and skill building exercises with male & female players of all ages and ability.


Colchester Utd

Colchester United, Development Centre Coach - Dec 2020 to date
As a development centre coach I was responsible for planning and delivering challenging and fun on-field sessions to high level U7 to U16 players from Colchester and surrounding areas.

UKCoach-China, Owner/Technical Director Aug 2018 to Aug 2020

As the Technical Director of UKCoach in Canada and China, I provided a multitude of football/soccer services to clubs, organisations and individuals in Shanghai.

• Group or Individual Training

• Club Management and Organisational Structure

• Coach Education and Mentoring Services

• Curriculum Planning and Coaching• Team and Player Scouting (Talent ID)

• Sporting Event Planning and Management

• College Preparation and Scholarships (Educate USA).

The ESL School Football role was to deliver on field and in class challenging and fun football lessons in English to students grades 1 to 10 at Chinese schools in Shanghai, to provide after school interest clubs and to Talent ID, coach and prepare School team for competitions.

As Head coach for JCB FC I provided weekly coaching sessions to develop the U11 and U12 boys teams, and prepare them for competitive play in the T98 Shanghai league, which included established academy organisations such as Juventus FC, Stoke City.

In 2019 I Designed and delivered the Coach Certification & Education grassroots program for Huya F.C Chinese coaches in Shanghai.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020, I had to close UKCoach-China and return to the UK.


ALL Pro Soccer, Development Director Canada Jan 2018 to Aug 2018
I was responsible for introducing players, clubs and associations in Canada to the product and services provided by ALL PRO. ALL PRO Educate USA is a service that has helped student athletes obtain over $11 million in academic and sporting scholarships to universities in the USA.


Soccer Cape Breton, Regional Technical Director Oct 2016 to Dec 2017

As the Regional Technical Director, I was responsible to design and oversee the technical programs and development in Cape Breton, ensuring that all players and coaches are provided with sufficient opportunities to improve their skills and achieve their highest potential. The RTD ensures the Districts commitment towards the development of its players; coaches and referees remain aligned with the principles of Long Term Player Development.

Additionally, the RTD ensured that the region’s strategic plan and soccer philosophy is implemented in all existing and new programs. As RTD I was expected to play a dynamic leadership role specifically including, but not limited to, the following areas:

• Coordinating regional aspects of the Regional Training Centre in Cape Breton, for the ages of U10-U18, whilst also assisting with the successful identification and recruitment of Foundation Phase & Pre-Academy players for the Excel and Provincial Training Programs in Nova Scotia.

• Supporting the continuous improvement of best practice governance and operating systems related to player and coach development;

• Addressing the frequent changes in the regional and provincial soccer landscape by adjusting plans and programs accordingly;

• Following and implementing policies and systems that foster transparency, with an ultimate goal of creating a seamless soccer experience for members;

• Assist Soccer Nova Scotia with the administration and delivery of CSA Coach Education work-shops;

• Production of monthly and semi-annual progress reports and maintaining the technical budget for the Executive board.;

• Develop a sponsorship package with the purpose of reducing the cost of playing soccer in the region;

• Design and implement a marketing strategy to raise the profile of SCB and advertise its pro-grams;

• Supervision of permanent and volunteer staff in day to day duties;

During my time as RTD as well as supporting the associations coaches and players on the field, I worked tirelessly off the field to try and grow the membership of the organisation through quality and inclusive programs and projects.


• Delivered Education training and mentored youth football coaches in Cape Breton NS.
• Developed mini programs that saw a 40% increase in player registrations compared to previous year, with 66% of the      registrations coming as new members from outside of the previous program.
• Established a soccer association that supported the creation of club teams in the five Indigenous communities, with a potential of up to 1000 new registrations for Soccer Cape Breton.
• Designed and delivered the “Soccer in the Community” grassroots events to 13 Clubs and 16 Schools introduced soccer to 1,430 U6 to U12 players

Special Projects

The Soccer in the Community festivals was used as a vehicle of engagement between SCB and its regional clubs and schools, it gave SCB the opportunity to raise awareness and present a stimulating event to the clubs and schools, while at the same time showcasing a best practice session to the regions clubs, coaches, parents and board members, that can be duplicated at club level.

Soccer New Brunswick Coordinator of Competitions, Operations & Service Apr 2015 to Oct 2016
As Coordinator of Competitions, Operations & Service I had the opportunity to be hands on with
every aspect of the Soccer New Brunswick organization.
My primary responsibilities include the coordination and delivery of SNB services in the area of competitions and grassroots soccer.
A major part of my role is the responsibility of coordinating, planning, and supervising the operation of multiple soccer events and tournaments at various sporting facilities.
Duties included but not limited to:
• Budget planning;
• Advertising and marketing;
• Booking facilities;
• Setting up registration;
• Scheduling of games and practice sessions;
• Hiring, training and management of staff and volunteers;
• Ordering tournament prizes and awards;


IT and Telecommunications background Experience – Sept 1997 to April 2015 18 years of productive full life cycle project implementation management/training, coupled with development/support and technical knowledge. Technical knowledge used for Pre-sales, support and product demonstrations.

Royal Corps of Signals - Radio Relay Operator - June 1988 to Sept 1997

I served as a detachment commander of a mobile radio installation of the British Army. During my service I was posted tounits in the UK, Germany and on operational tours with NATO & the UN in the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Croatia).

All PRO Canada
Soccer CB
Soccer NB
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Education Higlights
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Canadian Soccer Association
CSA B-License National Course B-1865 (Level 3)
CSA Child, Youth & Senior Community Coach (Level 1 & 2)

Johan Cruyff Institute
Sports (Football) Management Degree

English Football Association, FAN ID:56028052
FA Level 1 Talent ID
FA Emergency 1st Aid
FA Safeguarded Children

FA PlayMaker

Sport Management Worldwide
Soccer Management & Scouting, Certificate

Identifying Potential Talent

National Coaching Certification Program NCCP ID:1031441(Canada)

Coach Developer

Learning Facilitator

Coach Evaluator
Master Coach Evaluator



Make Ethical Decisions
Planning a Practice
Basic Mental Skills
Design a Basic Sport Program
Managing Conflict
Developing Athletic Abilities

Performance Analysis UK 

Introduction to Analysis Student ID:MAE0065

S4 Scouting

Recruitment & Player Scouting Level 1
Recruitment & Player Scouting Level 2

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Team History

1995/96 - 7 Signal Regt - Women Head Coach

2006/07 - Fundy Soccer - U12 Boys AAA Assistant Coach
2007/08 - Fundy Soccer - U14 Boys AAA Head Coach

2007/08 - Soccer New Brunswick - U14 Boys Assistant Coach

2008/09 - Fundy Soccer - U14 Boys AAA Head Coach

2008/09 - Soccer New Brunswick - U13 Boys Head Coach

2009/10 - Fundy Soccer - U14 Boys AAA Head Coach

2009/10 - Soccer New Brunswick - U14 Boys Head Coach

2010/11 - Fundy Soccer - U18 Boys Assistant Coach

2010/11 - Soccer New Brunswick - U15 Boys Head Coach

2011/12 - Atlantic SC - Super 20 Men - Assistant Coach

2012/13 - Kings County Soccer - Senior Women, U11 Boys & U11 Girls

2013/14 - Kings County Soccer - Senior Women, U11 Boys & U11 Girls

2014/15 - Fundy Soccer - U11 Boys AA Head Coach

2014/15 - Soccer New Brunswick - U18 Boys Head Coach

2015/16 - Soccer New Brunswick - U18 Boys Head Coach

2018/19 - JDSX - Grade 1 & 2 boys Head Coach

2019/20 - JCB FC - U11 7 U12 Boys Head Coach

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