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During my 15 years experience as a coach and scout, I have gained a solid foundation in planning, developing and running practice sessions. I have developed a deep tactical knowledge of football from coaching and scouting elite youth teams and University level teams in Europe, North America & Asia.


Scouting & Analysis History



Following on from completing the Soccer Management & Scouting course with SMWW in 2014, I was offered an internship by Matt Martin who was the Head of scouting for Sporting Kansas City of the MLS.

At the end of the 2014 season, I worked with Fundy Soccer to help prepare the U16 Premier team for the National Championships, by providing analysis of the teams performance during exhibition games leading up to the tournament.

As a Scout for the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada during their regular season and during the U-Sport National Championships, assessing the games of upcoming opponents and producing detailed team and individual reports to identify the relative tactical threats and weaknesses in the opposition. The mens team finished 3rd at the Nationals in the 2014 season.

During the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 I worked with the Canadian Women’s National team in video capturing for opposition analysis.

In 2015 /16 I provided training and game analysis to the Team New Brunswick, male and female Canada Games squads, during their tour to Montreal QC. This involved live video capture and tagging of games in real-time using Longomatch, providing detailed reports on team and individual performance, as well as assisting with presenting analysis during team meetings.​

In 2017 as part of my role as Regional Technical Director of Soccer Cape Breton, I created a team analysis program for the premier team coaches, in order to increase their level of knowledge of tactics and provide value add education to the clubs staff.

From 2018 to 2020 with UKCoach-China, I regularly delivered Talent I.D services in the form of scouting missions and games and tournaments, resulting in the production of detailed player profiles and reports. This work was contract work for Shanghai Leader and JCB F.C.


IT and Telecommunications background Experience – Sept 1997 to April 2015

18 years of productive full life cycle project implementation management/training, coupled with development/support and technical knowledge. Technical knowledge used for Pre-sales, support and product demonstrations.

Royal Corps of Signals - Radio Relay Operator - June 1988 to Sept 1997

I served as a detachment commander of a mobile radio installation of the British Army. During my service I was posted tounits in the UK, Germany and on operational tours with NATO & the UN in the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Croatia).

Education Higlights
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Canadian Soccer Association
CSA B-License National Course B-1865 (Level 3)
CSA Child, Youth & Senior Community Coach (Level 1 & 2)

Johan Cruyff Institute
Sports (Football) Management Degree

English Football Association, FAN ID:56028052
FA Level 1 Talent ID
FA Emergency 1st Aid
FA Safeguarded Children

FA PlayMaker

Sport Management Worldwide
Soccer Management & Scouting, Certificate

Identifying Potential Talent

National Coaching Certification Program NCCP ID:1031441(Canada)

Coach Developer

Learning Facilitator

Coach Evaluator
Master Coach Evaluator



Make Ethical Decisions
Planning a Practice
Basic Mental Skills
Design a Basic Sport Program
Managing Conflict
Developing Athletic Abilities


Performance Analysis UK 

Introduction to Analysis Student ID:MAE0065

S4 Scouting

Recruitment & Player Scouting Level 1
Recruitment & Player Scouting Level 2

Recruitment & Player Scouting Level 3

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Coaching History


1995/96 - 7 Signal Regt - Women Head Coach

2006/07 - Fundy Soccer - U12 Boys AAA Assistant Coach
2007/08 - Fundy Soccer - U14 Boys AAA Head Coach

2007/08 - Soccer New Brunswick - U14 Boys Assistant Coach

2008/09 - Fundy Soccer - U14 Boys AAA Head Coach

2008/09 - Soccer New Brunswick - U13 Boys Head Coach

2009/10 - Fundy Soccer - U14 Boys AAA Head Coach

2009/10 - Soccer New Brunswick - U14 Boys Head Coach

2010/11 - Fundy Soccer - U18 Boys Assistant Coach

2010/11 - Soccer New Brunswick - U15 Boys Head Coach

2011/12 - Atlantic SC - Super 20 Men - Assistant Coach

2012/13 - Kings County Soccer - Senior Women, U11 Boys & U11 Girls

2013/14 - Kings County Soccer - Senior Women, U11 Boys & U11 Girls

2014/15 - Fundy Soccer - U11 Boys AA Head Coach

2014/15 - Soccer New Brunswick - U18 Boys Head Coach

2015/16 - Soccer New Brunswick - U18 Boys Head Coach

2018/19 - JDSX - Grade 1 & 2 boys Head Coach

2019/20 - JCB FC - U11 7 U12 Boys Head Coach​

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