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Group or Individual Training

Our coaches are all certified coaches from a variety of backgrounds, they bring a wealth of experience to any training session and come fully prepared to provide a fun but challenging environment for players to learn and develop.

Coaching services can be provided for Individuals wanting that extra development, groups of players with a specific purpose or teams with general or specific objective in mind.

Club Management & Organisational Structure 

What we want to see in 1-3 years, how we make the process happen, and constant assistance along the journey to excellence.

We help you figure out what the club should look like, what the output will be and how to develop a cohesive plan year on year to get there.

  • How to structure coach development as part of annual operations

  • How to structure programs to meet needs of consumers and how to communicate to customers to increase membership, retention, and/or program registrations

  • How to organize teams to maximize player development

  • What is the optimum structure for your organization?

  • How are roles decided?

Coach Education & Mentoring Program

Coaches looking for club, team or individual assistance to improve their theoretical and practical coaching, and how to create more game realistic session plans to improve player and team performance. Together, we can arrange courses for 6, 12 and 18 weeks, with assessments, feedback and tasks given to guide your coaches a better all round understanding.

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Training Curriculum, Session Design, Game Plan Preparation

Club or Team Curriculum's; Creating a logical developmental path; from one week, month, year onto the next. Preparing players for the next developmental stage

Session Structure; The layout of a session for 60-90 minutes, appropriate to the age and development stage of your teams.

Session Design; Do you have a clear focus for what the players learning objectives will be? If yes, what practices will be best for them on that day, and how will it guide their development in the future?

Game Plan implementation; How will you devise a strategy and sessions to beat your opponent?

You’ve analysed a match, you need to find a way to design 1-3 key sessions to get across your strategy of how you will win. You ensure the players understand how to win when the match starts. You’ve prepared the team as well as you can, its now up to them.

Don’t leave games to chance; be fully prepared by improving your match analysis, identifying ways to win, and how to create sessions to guide your players towards victory.

Sporting Event Planning and Management

Our team provides a full range of event planning and management services that will help create a successful event for your organisation. The focus is on a goal oriented, objective based outcome that we can all work towards. We have experience in local community events that feature the uniqueness of that community, to international sporting events featured on television and watched by millions of people. This same level of experience and dedication is used for each of our projects.

College Preparation and Scholarships

Through a partnership with ALL PRO Educate USA, UKCoach is able to offer a service that prepares student players with the information and connections needed to find a best fit scholarship to top Universities in the USA and Canada.


Game and Player Video and Analysis

Uses specialist equipment to film at a height of up to 5m above pitch level, providing the optimum view of any sporting event.

The equipment is mobile and can be used at any indoor or outdoor facility to deliver HD quality, elevated footage that provides coaches, analysts and players with an ideal perspective in order to improve team or individual performance.

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