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Clanfield FC - Player Pathway

Skills Centre

Every person involved in football deserves an enjoyable experience with the game, regardless of the role they play, their age, their level of experience, or their ability. For young players, an enjoyable experience means that they have access to high-quality programs where they can have fun with their friends, learn new skills, and play the game in an appropriate format. Our club can play an important role in this, as the primary provider of football programs where young players experience the game in our local area.

The Skills Centre guides clubs towards the best principles in player development by taking a player-centric approach to developing young football players.

Skills Centres provide a challenging, enjoyable environment for players to develop and nurture the skills required to succeed in the game of football.

By taking a structured, long-term approach to player development – based on the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) – our young players will develop the foundation of fundamental skills required to succeed at whatever level of the game they aspire to reach.

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