2017 to date - ALL PRO Canada - Development Director Canadian Operations


As Development Director of Canadian Operations, I was responsible for introducing clubs in Canada to the product and services provided by ALL PRO.

ALL PRO Educate USA is a service design to help student athletes obtain academic and sporting scholarships to universities in the USA.

ALL PRO Sports tours are custom designed tours for clubs and players at locations around the world.

ALL PRO camps provide team and individual camps at clubs and at the ALL PRO HQ in Waterville ME.

As well as providing the Educate USA seminars, Sports Tours and Camps, I designed and introduced a Futsal program for students in grades 4-9 at schools in Cape Breton.

2016 to 2017 - Soccer Cape Breton - Regional Technical Director


The Regional Technical Director designs and oversees the technical programs and development of coaches ensuring that all players and coaches are provided with sufficient opportunities to improve their skills and achieve their highest potential. This senior leadership position emphasizes youth player development. This role ensures the Districts commitment towards the development of its players; coaches and referees remain aligned with the principles of Long Term Player Development.

Coach Education

Part of my role as RTD was to provide Coach Education workshops and mentoring to volunteer coaches in Cape Breton.

Special Projects

The Soccer in the Community festivals was used as a vehicle of engagement between SCB and its regional clubs and schools, it gave SCB the opportunity to raise awareness and present a stimulating event to the clubs and schools, while at the same time showcasing a best practice session to the regions clubs, coaches, parents and board members, that can be duplicated at club level.

2015 to 2016 - Soccer NB U18 boys (Head Coach) & Coordinator of Competition Operations and Services


As the Coordinator of Competition Operations and Services for Soccer New Brunswick, I have had the opportunity to be hands on with every aspect of the Soccer New Brunswick organization.


My primary responsibilities include the coordination and delivery of quality SNB services in the area of competition,  including but not limited to:


  • Management of Provincial and National tournaments;

  • Conception and delivery of Live Your Dreams skills festivals;

  • Delivery of Grass Roots (GPS) coach education;

  • Management of internal and external tournaments;

  • Referee coordination;

  • A.C.T events in the Train to Train stage of LTPD;

  • Management of the disciplinary process;

  • Coordinator for all leagues, regional academies and clubs in New Brunswick with over 15,000 registered players;


In addition to this I regularly work with the Youth Provincial male & female teams and the High Performance Academy, 


One of my projects since joining Soccer NB is the coordination and delivery the "Live You Dreams" Soccer Skill Festivals to over 800 U8 to U12 male and female players starting on their LTPD pathway . A great Fun event that Soccer NB offered to its members. A mixture of skill activities, coaching sessions and matches lasting up to 1 hour session per group of up to 100 players, introducing Fun Games and a new method to develop techniques.


As a certified Learning Facilitator I am often called upon to deliver Grass Roots GPS coaching,  The Grassroots Passion for Soccer (GPS) program is designed to offer, free of charge, 2-hour coaching workshops to introduce soccer coaching to volunteer parent coaches working with young players (3 to 10 years).

2014 - Soccer NB U18 boys (Coach), Fundy U11 AA boys (Head Coach), UPEI (Scout), Sporting Kansas City (Scout Intern)


In January I completed the Sports Management and Scouting course, after completing the scouting certification, I accepted roles with Professional Soccer Clubs and Universities in North America.


My intention with moving into this part of the sport is to be able to offer more services to clubs and associations in my region on a consultancy basis and also to be a gateway for players in Atlantic Canada to clubs and other scouting networks elsewhere in the world.


I returned to Fundy Soccer after 4 years as Head Coach of the U11 Division 1 boys, this was by far my most enjoyable year of coaching at club level, working with a fantastic group of talented and dedicated boys.

2013 - Atlantic SC U20 (Coach) & KCSA (Technical Director)

Atlantic SC changed into a not for profit and partnered with Kings County Soccer Association to provide technical guidance and training. A part of that partnership was to have me put in place as the Technical Director of KCSA.


As TD for KCSA my priority was to provide development and education for the coaches and players at the club. Throughout the summer we provided multiple coaching clinics for the rep and house coaches, as well as a fully comprehensive training program with online videos and printable sessions. 


I also provided an Academy once a week for U10 & U12 groups, for the players that wanted a higher level of training through the summer season. I saw some real development in the U10 group of players, getting them involved with playing mini tournaments against other local clubs, and having success too.


The rep teams had a lot of success in terms of development and results, with 4 teams reaching their regional final in the SRSL and one team winning gold. 

Soccer Education

2018 - NCCP Coach Developer (Coach Evaluator, Master Coach Evaluator, Learning Facilitator)

  • Role of the Master Coach Developer

  • Selecting Coach Developers

  • Evaluating Learning Facilitators

  • Mentoring Coach Developers

  • Training Coach Developers

  • Evaluating Coach Evaluators


The role of the Master Coach Developer (MCD) is to train, to evaluate, to support, and to mentor Coach Developers, i.e. Learning Facilitators (LFs), Coach Evaluators (CEs), and other MCDs. In addition, MCDs play a key role in promoting the NCCP.

2015 – CSA B-License National Course

The Canadian Soccer Association ‘B’ License Program Part 2, the “National Course”, includes practical and theoretical aspects of study with the Final Theory and Practical assessments being held during the National Course. Passed August 2015

2014 - Football Management Degree (Johan Cruyff Institute)

The Postgraduate Degree in Football Management educates in the proper use of management tools for organizations linked to football. And develops the ability to recognize business opportunities, establish strategies, anticipate changes and optimize resources.


  • Understanding the environment in which the organization operates and especially the sport world.

  • Understanding the functioning of a company and its functional areas and analytical instruments.

  • Having a strategic, global and objective management vision of the world of football from a business perspective.

  • Knowing, understanding and applying the fundamentals of business management, as well as sound decision making in complex environments.

  • Mastering the knowledge necessary for obtaining the best results in managing professional football teams.

  • Mastering the processes for managing a sport facility (football club) and organizing events.

  • Having a complete business education and assuming full management responsibilities.

  • Leading a diverse international team in a changing environment.

  • Recruiting, motivating and supervising volunteers for a sport organization.


2013 - Soccer Management & Scouting, Certificate (Sport Management Worldwide)
Training included: traditional and cutting edge scouting techniques and player evaluations, scouting reports, statistical analysis, soccer general manager practices, player personnel and team/club management.

2013 - NCCP Multi-sport part A & B (Sport New Brunswick)

Based on the Canadian Sport for Life model of long-term athlete development, this NCCP workshop explores the themes of fair play, safety responsibility, and communication.


2011 - Learning Facilitator Soccer (Soccer New Brunswick)

Learning Facilitators (LF’s) are able to lead and certify other coaches in the, Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train and Soccer for Life, courses. Delivering the CSA methods and plan for the LTPD model;


2008 - CSA B License-Provincial Course (Canada Soccer Association)

Completion of the training course totaling 30 hours and an official evaluation process (Training to Train Stage of Development). – Passed May 2008


2006 - Child, Youth & Senior Community Coach & Instructor (Canada Soccer Association)

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